Work in progress

Workshop Rethinking Clusters (May 2018, Florence, Italy)

Here there is a list of my current work-in-progress:

  • Maddah, L.; López, F. and Arauzo-Carod, J.M. (2020): “Clusters of Cultural and Creative Industries: Empirical Evidence for Catalonia”.
  • Maddah, L. and Arauzo-Carod, J.M. (2020): “Cultural and Creative Industries as Drivers of Employment Growth at Local Level in Catalonia”.
  • Arauzo-Carod, J.M. (2019): “Agglomeration vs. dispersion of economic activities in the districts of Paris”.
  • Arauzo-Carod, J.M. and Moreno-Monroy, A.I. (2019): “Neighbourhood Agglomeration and Firm Dynamics ”.
  • Arauzo-Carod, J.M.; Coll-Martínez, E. and Turcu, C. (2019): “Where New Creative Industries Locate? Evidence from French Departments”.
  • Arauzo-Carod, J.M. and Liviano, D. (2019): “Migration Determinants in Catalonia”.
  • Arauzo-Carod, J.M.; Mañé, F. And Faggian, A. (2019): “Internal and External Determinants of Radical and Incremental Innovation in SMEs”.
  • Manjón, M.; Martínez, O. and Arauzo-Carod, J.M. (2019): “A smooth gravity model for origin-destination flows: estimating the geographical impact of corporate taxes on the relocation of French establishments”.
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